Shaping the Future of the Greater Bridgman Area

At the Greater Bridgman Area Chamber & Growth Alliance (CGA), our projects are the lifeblood of our mission. Each one represents a step forward in enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life in the Greater Bridgman Area. Here, we invite you to explore our past, current, and upcoming initiatives.


Completed Projects

Bridgman Courtyard Project: This recently completed project has transformed the heart of Bridgman into a vibrant public space. The Courtyard, now a hub for community gatherings and events, has enhanced the aesthetics of our city center and fostered a stronger sense of community.

Award Winning!

The CGA recently joined representatives from the City of Bridgman to present the Bridgman Courtyard project at the Michigan Municipal League Convention 2023 in Traverse City. One of four finalists, the Bridgman Courtyard won the prestigious Community Excellence Award for transforming our community into a vibrant, sustainable, and exceptional place to be proud of. Cheers to that!


Ongoing Projects

Business and Brews Meetings: Our ongoing series of Business and Brews meetings bring together local entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community members in a relaxed setting. These gatherings foster open dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas that drive our community forward.


Upcoming Projects

Red Arrow Corridor Trails Project: An exciting addition to our portfolio of projects, the Red Arrow Corridor Trails Project aims to enhance outdoor recreation and active transportation in the Greater Bridgman Area. Upon completion, the trail will provide our residents and visitors with a beautiful, safe space for walking, running, cycling, and more.

Economic Diversification Initiative with EDA Grant: With the support of an Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant, we’re embarking on a strategic initiative to diversify the local economy. This project will focus on attracting new industries, supporting local entrepreneurs, and creating sustainable jobs, thereby fostering a resilient and thriving economy for the future.

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Our projects reflect our commitment to building a vibrant, prosperous, and connected community. They encapsulate our belief in the power of collaboration, strategic planning, and the innovative spirit of the Greater Bridgman Area. Keep an eye on this space to stay updated on our projects and find out how you can get involved.

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