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At the Greater Bridgman Area Chamber & Growth Alliance (CGA), we understand the importance of providing businesses with the support they need to thrive. There are a wide range of incentives and financing options designed to help businesses establish, expand, and innovate within the City of Bridgman and Lake Charter Township.


Tax Incentives

Businesses in Bridgman and Lake Charter Township can take advantage of various tax incentives aimed at promoting growth and development. These incentives include property tax abatements, tax increment financing, and other tax credits that help lower your business’s operating costs and enhance profitability.


Low-Interest Loan Programs

Bridgman provides access to low-interest loan programs designed to support business growth and expansion. These loans offer flexible terms and competitive rates, making it easier for businesses to secure the necessary funding for their projects.

The Bridgman Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) administers the City Revolving Loan Fund, a loan program designed to aid new business formation and location with favorable rate short-term (5-year) fixed asset financing and a 1- to 10-year local real estate abatement for increased property taxes due to renovation of commercial building or construction of new commercial buildings on vacant property where a derelict building has been demolished. For more information about these programs, please contact the City of Bridgman.


Infrastructure and Site Assistance

Bridgman and Lake Charter Township are committed to ensuring businesses have access to the infrastructure and site assistance they need. Our regional zoning and planning commissions offer site selection support, infrastructure development, and assistance with permitting and zoning, making it easier for businesses to establish and expand their operations in our community.


Grants and Funding Programs

The state of Michigan offers numerous grant and funding opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industries. Just a few of the funding programs are listed below (click to view the full list):

  • The Michigan New Jobs Training Program (MNJTP) captures employer-paid employee taxes on new jobs in the state to reimburse employer-specific tailored training programs for employees through local community colleges.
  • The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) created the Going PRO Talent Fund to address skill shortages by reskilling and upskilling, ensure employers have the talent required to compete and grow and support employees’ growth opportunities. Up to $1,500 per employee in grant assistance is available to employers that provide credentialed training programs to employees.
  • Michigan’s State Trade Expansion Program (MI-STEP) offers financial assistance for exporting activities to eligible Michigan small businesses, enabling access to global markets and buyers through a 75% reimbursement of up to $15,000 of eligible expenses.
  • An Industrial Property Tax Abatement (PA 198) reduces the ongoing tax burden for eligible businesses making new investments in the state by abating 50% of net new real taxes on-site developments for up to 12 years.

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The CGA is dedicated to helping your business succeed in the City of Bridgman and Lake Charter Township. Take advantage of our region’s comprehensive incentives and financing options to propel your business forward.

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