The Foundation for Success

Bridgman’s transportation and infrastructure systems provide businesses with the essential foundation for success. Our region is equipped with efficient networks that connect you to local, national, and global markets, ensuring seamless operations and distribution.


Road Connectivity

Bridgman’s strategic location along I-94 allows businesses to easily access regional and national markets. Bridgman is situated mid-way between Chicago and Detroit making it a prime location for distribution.


Rail Access

Our community is served by CSX Rail, providing businesses with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for transporting goods. With direct connections to major rail hubs, Bridgman offers unparalleled access to national and international markets.


Proximity to Airports

Bridgman’s close proximity to international airports in Detroit and Chicago enables businesses to quickly connect with customers, suppliers, and partners worldwide. The regional airports in South Bend and Kalamazoo offer cargo and passenger services, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of efficient air transportation.


Port Facility

Within minutes from the St. Joseph port facility, Bridgman provides businesses with access to international shipping routes. This nearby port supports the import and export of goods, helping businesses tap into global supply chains and reach new markets.


Utilities and Telecommunications

Bridgman’s advanced utility infrastructure ensures reliable and cost-effective access to electricity, natural gas, and water resources. Our community is also well-equipped with high-speed internet, empowering businesses to stay connected and competitive in the digital age.

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Invest in Bridgman and leverage our exceptional transportation and infrastructure systems to propel your business forward. The CGA is here to support you in capitalizing on the benefits our region has to offer.

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