Collaborating for Progress

The Greater Bridgman Area Chamber & Growth Alliance (CGA) collaborates with a diverse array of partners who share our commitment to fostering economic vitality and community development. Our partners’ support is crucial to our mission, providing valuable resources, expertise, and outreach opportunities that amplify our impact. Here’s a look at some of our key partners.


City of Bridgman

The City of Bridgman works closely with us to promote growth and development within the city limits. Our collaboration enables us to align our strategies with city planning and development initiatives, ensuring that our efforts are synergistic and effective.


Lake Charter Township

As a significant part of the Greater Bridgman Area, Lake Charter Township is a crucial partner in our efforts. We work together to create opportunities for residents and businesses in the township, focusing on infrastructure development, zoning, and community services.


Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber

The Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber is a key ally in our efforts to support and grow local businesses. Through joint events, programs, and initiatives, we’re able to foster a vibrant business community that drives our local economy.


Cornerstone Alliance

The Cornerstone Alliance is a valuable partner in our economic development efforts. Their expertise in business development, real estate, and strategic planning helps us to attract, retain, and grow businesses in the Greater Bridgman Area.


Bridgman Public Schools

Our partnership with Bridgman Public Schools enables us to support educational initiatives that prepare our youth for the future. Together, we’re fostering a culture of learning that benefits both our students and the broader community.


Saint Joseph Today

Saint Joseph Today helps us to promote tourism and community events in the Greater Bridgman Area. Their expertise in marketing and event management contributes to our vibrant community spirit and attracts visitors to our region.

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Our partners are an integral part of our work at the CGA. By collaborating with these organizations, we’re able to leverage our collective strengths to drive progress in the Greater Bridgman Area. We’re grateful for their support and look forward to our continued work together.

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Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber