Rich Heritage & Diverse Farming Practices

The Greater Bridgman Area is renowned for its vibrant and diverse agricultural industry. With our fertile soils, favorable climate, and generations of farming expertise, our region produces an impressive variety of agricultural products that contribute significantly to our local economy and lifestyle. From lush fruit orchards and dairy farms to beautiful flower fields, explore the richness of our agricultural sector below.


Starbuck’s Blueberry Farm

A cherished gem in the Greater Bridgman Area, Starbuck’s Blueberry Farm has been growing delectable blueberries since the early 20th century. With acres of thriving bushes, the farm offers visitors the joy of picking their own fresh berries during the summer season. Known for their exceptional quality and taste, Starbuck’s blueberries are also sold at local markets and utilized by several local culinary establishments.


Schuler Dairy Farms

For generations, Schuler Dairy Farms has been a vital part of our region’s agricultural scene. This family-run farm prides itself on its commitment to sustainable farming practices and the highest standards of animal welfare. Schuler’s produces a range of dairy products, including fresh milk, cream, and fresh ice cream, all cherished for their rich taste and superior quality. The farm also offers educational tours, giving visitors an inside look at the workings of a modern dairy farm and the importance of local agriculture.


The Grace Effect Flower Farm

Adding a colorful splash to our agricultural canvas, The Grace Effect Flower Farm cultivates a stunning variety of flowers. Known for its sustainable farming methods and commitment to local biodiversity, the farm offers an enchanting destination for visitors, with a chance to select fresh floral bouquets, shop for unfiltered wildflower honey, and pick up a few gifts at their farmstand.

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The agricultural industry is an integral part of the Greater Bridgman Area’s identity and economic vitality. Starbuck’s Blueberry Farm, Schuler Dairy Farms, and The Grace Effect Flower Farm are just a few examples of the diverse agricultural practices found here. As we look to the future, the CGA is committed to supporting our local farms, promoting sustainable practices, and celebrating the richness of our agricultural heritage. Whether you’re a resident, a visitor, or a prospective investor, we invite you to discover, experience, and support the abundant agricultural offerings of the Greater Bridgman Area.

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